Tomáš Kulman: The Development Of One's Own National Society Is The Answer To The Objectively Unworkable Ideology of Multiculturalism


Source: Schuman Optics Magazine (PL) - Central Europe differs in its historical fate from the countries of Western Europe, not only the unique experienceof decades of communist rule, as was heard several times from speakers at our conference. It is a part of Europe that has always been traditionally continentalChristian and in some opposition to the Atlantic conception of the world. Milan Kundera, the most translated Czech author of our time, defined this space as "the maximum of diversity in the minimum of space". Central Europeans want to preserve their nation-states, their languages, their cultural identity, their sovereignty, but at the same time they understand that cooperation with neighbouring states is not only useful but also necessary. In a world of great powers, states of ten million people, mean nothing. But an association of cooperating states with more than 100 million inhabitants, may not be the "pole of the world", but it is certainly a serious, partner for negotiations and dealings.