The association Patrimonium Sancti Adalberti, z.s. was founded in June 2020 with the aim of studying, formulating, and interpreting the heritage of Saint Adalbert in the context of the Central European region and its value-related, cultural, religious, economic, and state-law needs. To promote this idea,
the Association also intends to organize seminars, conferences, and other public activities.

The Association has a dignified seat in the capital of the Czech Republic, in Prague 6, symbolically
in the Břevnov Monastery founded by Bishop Adalbert of Prague in 993, and has been registered in the Register of Associations administered by the Municipal Court in Prague.

The members of the Association are not only experts on the spiritual and historical legacy of St. Adalbert, but also economists, constitutional lawyers, experts in infrastructure, security issues, and international relations. The chairman of the Association (its authorized representative) is Tomáš Kulman.

The Association strives to create a discussion platform that seeks to analyze in a structured way
 the cultural, historical, global political, economic, defense, and security aspects of the Central European area with regard to its possible future state-law structure.

The debate has been initiated with regard to the fact that the global political situation
in Europe is changing and, regardless of the opinions of its populations, the great powers are not only thinking about re-organizing this area but also planning it to some extent, of course, to suit their own interests. Therefore, the logic dictates that the countries of Central Europe should take the initiative
 and actively engage in the process of defining and politically shaping this area in order to avoid being traumatized by "about us, without us" decisions.

Currently, the Association published its collection of texts entitled "Saint Adalbert and Central Europe",
 in which it addresses the key topic from various angles and aspects.

The activities of the Association are funded through donations from Czech legal entities and associations and by contributions from Czech endowment funds and foundations;
the Society does not raise any funding abroad.

Presentation of the Association
Patrimonium Sancti Adalberti