For the purpose of contemporary interpretation of the legacy of St. Adalbert in the context of the Central European region, the Association has founded its eponymous book edition "Patrimonium Sancti Adalberti". The first publication in this edition is the anthology "Saint Adalbert and the Central European Space" published in June 2021, with an introduction by the Archabbot of the Břevnov Monastery, P. Prokop Siostrzonek, OSB. For study purposes, you can download the anthology directly from our website. 

Saint Adalbert and Central Europe

Europe's global political situation is changing as fundamentally today
as it did ten centuries ago.

The great powers have not only been thinking about a new arrangement of this space but have already been planning
for it to some extent, of course, to suit their own interests.
The renowned authors reflect on the prospects of potential closer cooperation among Central European nations from the perspective
of their populations, which, while preserving the sovereignty
of the participating states, would enable effective cooperation
in defending common values and vital interests in the fields of security, infrastructure, and national economy. The example of Adalbert
of Slavník, whose life and work stand behind cultural and state-law traditions of the Visegrad countries, serves as a common source
of inspiration.

The work is published in two language versions - Czech and English.

Collective of Authors:

Petr Bahník, Jaroslav Bašta, Petr Drulák, Aleš Dvořák,
Petr Charvát, Stanislav Janský, Zdeněk Koudelka,
Adam Kretschmer, Radomír Malý, Martin Pecina, Igor Volný, Zdeněk Žák

Edition: first
Place and date of publication: Prague, June 2021
Published by: Patrimonium Sancti Adalberti, z.s.
MK ČR E 24182
ISBN 978-80-270-9766-1 (paperback version)
ISBN 978-80-270-9767-8 (pdf version in English)

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