The European Conservative on the Prague St. Adalbert Conference 2022: Combatting Progressive Ideology

Source: The European Conservative (EN) - In its autumn issue, the prestigious European quarterly The European Conservative, based in Budapest, published a comprehensive report on the international conference "St. Adalbert and Central Europe ", which was held in Prague this June. The organizer was the association Patrimonium Sancti Adalberti in cooperation with its partners from Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia. The conference focused in particular on the issue of values ​​inherent in the Central European area. The participants agreed that these are mainly traditional European values ​​such as Christianity, family, nation and social solidarity. In addition to the final declaration of the conference, the magazine also printed the full text of the laureate speech of the Slovak mathematician and former Minister of the Interior Vladimír Palko entitled "Progressivism in 15 points", who won the Saint Adalbert Award Pretium Sancti Adalberti for 2022.