Survey: The vast majority of V4 residents do not trust the media


Source: Deník Štandard (SK) - From the analyzes of the older GLOBSEC survey, some interesting information came into play, especially about our attitude towards Russia and China, or towards the media. That is why we return to him. In March 2021, GLOBSEC conducted a survey of residents of ten Central and Eastern European countries. Specifically from Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria and Romania. According to the analysis, the developed West is no longer such an attraction when it comes to geopolitical orientation. More than 50 percent of respondents do not see their position on either side of the spectrum. They are inclined to believe that it is necessary to preserve one's own identity and to break free from the socio-historical complexes associated with power domination. The Baltic states of Lithuania and Estonia tend to be strongest in the West, although in the latter 18 percent of respondents could not decide. Poland, which has historically had strong mistrust of Russia, is also pro-Western.

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