Something is beginning to emerge...


Source: Pravý prostor (CZ) - Prague - Surely you have ever seen a mole dig in the garden. At first glance, nothing happens. Only occasionally does the upper layer of soil shake slightly and a mound of clay emerge on the surface. And a little further on. Seemingly unrelated. But it is clear to a knowledgeable person that he works hard in the underground.

Another, seemingly inconspicuous domestic activity has a similar political message. Prague will host the so-called St. Adalbert Conference this weekend. Meeting of representatives of Central European countries, which will also be attended by guests from Austria, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania and Bulgaria. The event is organized by the Patrimonium Sancti Adalberti under the auspices of Cardinal Dominika Duka. According to former diplomat Petr Drulák, the meeting is about the formulation of common interests of Central and Southern European nations and their more assertive promotion within the EU. More openly, about constituting a kind of counterweight to the "big" countries, especially the France-Germany tandem, which has long usurped the EU for itself and its interests.

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