Ondřej Neff: When will we become West


Source: Neviditelný pes (CZ) - The new era has brought many interesting phenomena and concepts. I am most interested in the still forming idea of a sort of restoration of the former Danube Monarchy. It would certainly have to do without a monarch, but geographically the arrangement could be similar. It would probably not include Poland. As a regional power of its own, Poland can make it on its own. But a bloc consisting of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia makes sense in a number of ways. I read more and more often that Central Europe could become the heir of the West, that it could preserve its legacy, its free-thinking spirit. At least in our country, the suicide of the West is not taking place. Sure, also in our country, there are people who are diligently working on sawing away at the branch on which we all sit, but they are not the mainstream.

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